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Rotor X Racing Micro Rx122 FPV Racing Drone

RX122 Atom, a mighty powerful FPV platform in a tiny package. Like its bigger brother the Raiju, the Atom has been designed to take full advantage of all RotorX parts and experience to bring the best possible FPV experience in the smallest possible size.

At 122mm motor to motor distance, the Atom can fit comfortably in the palm of your hand, yet allow you to not just fly, but race indoors and outdoors in some of the most unforgiving environments. No other drone at this size boasts the power and durability of the Atom, yet with all this power it is still safe to operate where other drones cannot due to its ultra micro frame size.

3S standard operation sets it apart from the field, with the capability of running 4S power in the future as we test and develop the powertrain further. BLheli, Oneshot and Cleanflight are the standard now in the world of FPV racing, and the Atom comes with them by default. Custom designed motors and props allow us to tailor thrust and endurance perfectly to the frame, while pre-flashed hardware (ESCs, OSD, FC) makes the build process enjoyable and educational instead of frustrating. Our team will also provide you with in depth yet simple build instructions that once completed will allow you to troubleshoot and repair your own equipment if you manage to break something.

Most of all, the Atom represents the perfect entry level FPV platform that will help you learn to build and fly rate mode without worrying about all the potential problems. Small enough to fly comfortably indoors for practice, in a warehouse for racing, and outside against drones twice its size and yet still hold it’s own or even outperform on tight circuits. Every part has been meticulously chosen and tested for the highest performance and endurance in the smallest form factor. Best of all, if you wish to upgrade your Atom (quad) to a Raiju (hex) in the future, an affordable upgrade package will be made available soon.


Rotor X Racing Micro Rx155 FPV Racing Drone

All the carbon fiber goodness with a custom powerful drivetrain and you get a bird that weighs in at just under 200g but has the punch of almost 700g. Stick a micro FPV system on there with full OSD and an HD camera, and buzz your cat/dog/unfortunate humanoid for everyone else’s enjoyment. Custom 1104 motors with custom props (no press fit for these folk), new ESCs and 3S powa gives some good hover times (/boring) and superior race potential (/that’s better). You’ll have to wait for more info though, there’s a lot being brewed up.




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