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GX77 Laser Gaming Mouse 8-flames

GX77 is a professional gaming Mouse for true gamers. The heart of the GX77 is excellent laser sensor AVAGO 9500, which has excellent efficiency on a variety of surfaces. High quality of the sensor, with maximum resolution of 5670DPI, provides great precision and convenience.



HX77 5.1 Gaming Headset10-flames1

HX77 is a high-class headset dedicated for gamers . With wide frequency response (20-20000Hz), good sensitivity (105dB), and very good impedance you are guaranteed the best quality sound. Thanks to integrated 5.1 USB sound card, located on the cable, HX77 provides the best gaming experience. On the card, there’s also a touch remote control, which allows you to have full control over the sound without using a computer.



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