Introducing Gamer Grip, a non-slip, antiperspirant formula designed to improve your grip on your controller. Gamer Grip provides an excellent enhancement to your grip for a competitive edge over your opponents.

A single 2 ounce tube of Gamer Grip may last several months with typical use. Apply the Gamer Grip to your hands before or during extended gaming sessions for an enhanced hold on your controller, minimizing loss of control caused by perspiration.

It is only fitting that GamerGrip® is associated with MLG. With MLG being the highest level of professional gaming, gamers need a product that will allow them to give their full attention towards competing and not have to worry about losing grip on their control.



“I love how GamerGrip blocks sweat by attacking the source of the problem – now I don’t have to worry about my hands slipping off my controller,” – Raymond Lussier from Team EnVyUs.
“I was blown away by how much GamerGrip has helped me maintain my grip during sports training. I literally use it everywhere; on the field, in the gym and even golf. Props to the guys at GamerGrip for developing such a great product.” – Dylan Hartley
The Gamer Grip was a God send,and held every time. Will certainly be recommending it.” – Mark Rowe
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