The best AR game 2k17



“One of the coolest gaming concepts of the decade” Moviepilot
“Turns the Whole Planet Into A Giant Laser Tag Battle Arena” Futurism

Father.IO AR FPS is the world’s first real-life Augmented Reality First Person Shooter. Experience the adrenaline, tactics and strategies of gaming in your everyday life. Combining Augmented Reality and First Person Shooter battles, Father.IO converts squares, public parks and outdoor spaces in huge battleground arenas – no holds barred!

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DreamScreen and Swiftpoint have Landed!


With a lackluster year of game releases we have two products that will really get your customers excited! Dreamscreen is visually impressive and stunning, dynamic TV lighting that will add that special look to your gaming and movie experience. Swiftpoint Z gaming mouse is innovation at its best!

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Astro Pricing Increase:

SRP’s set to increase end of March

Our prices are defined regionally. In the UK, this includes local taxation and import duties, but we pay for everything we sell in US dollars.

Over recent months, there has been a significant change on the US Dollar to GBP exchange rate. As a result, our existing pricing has become unsustainable and, like many other companies, we have to increase prices for all products priced in GBP.


PS4 Strikepack’s now avaialble!

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KontrolFreek Call of Duty Modern Warfare – available now

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X-Gamer IS HERE!


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Introducing KontrolFreek® Destiny CQC Signature Edition

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Limited Edition Gaming Artwork

We will soon have Limited Edition Gaming Artwork available and all on extremely limited worldwide print numbers, add some art to your summer this year!

Screenshot_6 Screenshot_5 Screenshot_4

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Exclusive Skins now Available from Lime

apocolyptic console skin ps4 Fiery console and controller skins ps4 orange camo console skin ps4 purple block ps4 console skin zombie outbreak console and controller skins ps4 red camo console skin ps4



Netduma – Dominate Lag

We are proud to announce Netduma is now available for pre-order with Lime Distribution


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Lime Distribution MCV Awards 2016 Finalist

We are proud to announce Lime Distribution has been selected as an MCV Finalist for 2016 in the Distribution Team category.

Lime Distribution officially launched in September 2014, we have seen tremendous growth in 2015 and we are constantly attracting new attention and new clients, we feel this is because of our pro-active nature and that we don’t wait for suppliers to come to us, we are out there trying to find the latest and best products for our clients.

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Trigger King is a leading innovator of performance gaming accessories. The triggers are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.  Our products are designed for the highest performance to enhance the gaming experience.  Our products are rigorously tested by hardcore gamers from around the world and go through multiple rounds of research and development to ensure the performance you crave.  Our patent pending TK Precision Tuning Technology is a world first for trigger attachments.


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Introducing Special Ops Edition!

Need to get a grip in the heat of combat? Get traction on the action with the Special Ops Edition Trigger Treadz for PS4 and Xbox One. Featuring 2 designs in Combat Orange– All Terrain and Combat Rubber, Trigger Treadz give improved grip on controller triggers enhancing gameplay.


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Strike Pack Super Seller!IMG_0045

We knew how awesome Strike Packs were and the feedback from all of you has been amazing! If your not currently stocking Strike Packs then you’re definitely missing out on what our clients are coining as this years best accessory by far!!!!!!