Drift was born with the firm purpose of being a member of the gaming community and providing players with the tools they need for every battle. Therefore, we are fully active and we are present in the national gaming scene working together with the players in the arena, to be the basis of each victory.


Adjustable armrest 3DAdjustable armrest 3D

Set your chair for long games without worrying about anything else. The armrests of the DR300 are adjustable in height, position and rotation.


Premium materialsPremium materials

A good finish with premium materials. Drift gaming chairs feature a sturdy FOAM padded structure and premium leatherette.


Class 4 PistonClass 4 Piston

Drift chairs come equipped with a gas piston, which provides great stability in all positions.


Wheels and star baseWheels and star base

A star base on high-quality rubber wheels results in great stability and ultra-smooth gliding. It has finished in the color of the rest of the chair.


Tilting seatDR300

Fits your center of gravity. In Drift products all the details are designed to offer you the greatest comfort.

Height adjustablDR300e

With a solid gas piston system, you can regulate the height that is most suitable for your play space or work, adjusting it throughout the entire travel that the chair allows.

Reclining backrestDR300

Up to 160 degrees of inclination. Backrest of firm structure but well padded. To rest, play or work in the most comfortable way.

Lumbar and cervical cushionsDR300

Drift chairs incorporate two cushions; One for the lumbar and one for the cervical area, with which we will achieve a perfect ergonomics avoiding bad positions for our back.


Available in 8 attractive colorsDR300

From the most pure white to the most intense red, so you can choose the color that best suits your lifestyle.

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