Responsive Television Lighting that Reacts to the Color Pixels on Your Screen! Now in HD & 4K!

Lights behind your television react to what you are watching down to the PIXEL color!

 Enjoy it react to Video and Music, or simply use as an Ambient Light.


Full App available on Ios and Android

How Does it Work?
Smart TV Lighting

LED lights placed on the back of your television react to whatever you are watching at 60 f/s!

 Imagine your television bigger, brighter and easier on your eyes. The effect is a new home theater immersive experience that drastically improves TV, movies, and video games.

As long as your TV has HDMI, DreamScreen will capture your show and enhance your television!

VideoMusic Lighting
Added Features

Music Mode: DreamScreen’s lights dance to your beats with 4 different audio visualizers.

Ambient Lighting Mode: Choose the color and brightness of your choice or select an array of dynamic Ambient Scenes.

Download the App at the iTunes or Google Play Store for full control of your DreamScreen via Wifi.